Meal plans for week starting Mon 31 Dec

  • Monday 31st

Rice porridge with pear puree, chicken salad, roast chicken, jacket potatoes and green beans

  • Tuesday 1st, Happy New Year!

Bircher muesli with apple and cashews, snack of leftover green beans and potato wedges, lamb and risoni pasta salad, leftover chicken (minute steak for kids), noodles and vegan ‘cheese’ sauce

  • Wednesday 2nd

Egg on toast, leftover lamb in salad (veal schnitzel for kids), noodle soup (with egg if wanted)

  • Thursday 3rd


Bircher muesli, chicken balls and green salad, beef with pasta and beans (stroganoff from FS cookbook)

  • Friday 4th


Rice porridge, leftover beef, pasta and beans (chicken schnitzel for kids), stir fry (zucchini and moderate veg for adults, chicken and low veg for kids)

  • Saturday 5th


Egg on toast, pancakes with pear purée or maple syrup, roast dinner, make lentil mash for tomorrow

  • Sunday 6th


Egg on toast or brown sugar scrolls, Lentil mash or leftover roast veges, chicken rice paper rolls

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2 Responses to Meal plans for week starting Mon 31 Dec

  1. Rachel says:

    thankyou very much for this – it’s wonderful of you to share all your hard work and planning, is very helpful to me to see a failsafe weekly plan in action

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