Meal plan for week starting Monday 7th January

Monday 7th

Rice porridge with pear, lentil mash and salad, potato and leek soup with baked chicken legs

Tuesday 8th

Smoothies and toast, chicken and lettuce wrap, shepherds pie

Wednesday 9th

Omelette and toast, leftover shepherds pie, lamb chops, mashed potato and green beans

Thursday 10th

Eggs on toast or cereal (Vitabrits, puffed rice or millet), rice paper rolls, freezer meal (potato and leek soup) with chicken schnitzel

Friday 11th

Chopped pears and cream cheese on toast, chicken and vegie wrap (with added zucchini for adults), pizza

Saturday 12th

Bircher muesli, meat pie or meatballs and salad (family party), egg-free cake and rice milk ice-cream, beef steak and mash with green beans

Sunday 13th

Bircher muesli, pasta and vegie sticks, lamb cutlets with mash (hidden vegies)

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