Meal plan for week starting Monday 28th January

Monday 28th: Rice porridge with tinned pear, minute steak and homemade meatballs, green salad, pasta and bean salad, potato and leek soup with foccacia or bread.

Tuesday 29th: Pikelets with maple syrup, rice milk shake, leftover soup and bread, lamb cutlets, mashed potato and green beans (corn on cob or green peas if tolerated).

Wednesday 30th: Eggs on toast, French toast or panfried toast with cream cheese (goes brown and crispy, for egg allergy sufferers), wheat noodles and vegie sticks, baked chicken, leftover mashed potato, green salad.

Thursday 31st January: Vitabrits and rice milk, tinned pear, chicken schnitzel and lettuce wraps, lamb chops, lentil and vege soup.

Friday 1st February: Eggs on toast or toasted sandwich with pear jam, leftover soup and rice sticks/crackers, homemade pizza.

Saturday 2nd February: Muesli bars, rice milk shake, leftover pizza or Lebanese bread pizza, platter of failsafe vegies, steak and salad BBQ.

Sunday 3rd February: Pancakes and tinned pear, minute steak sandwiches, baked leg of lamb, baked potato and sweet potato (sals), steamed green beans.

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