School lunchbox ideas

Crunch and Sip break: celery, green beans, sliver of peeled Red Delicious apple, carrot or crunchy pear (within salicylate tolerance)

Lunch: For protein: Meatballs, sausage rolls, leftover pizza (within amine tolerance), our bean mix or red kidney beans, boiled egg or egg rolls or French toast squares. For carbs: rice balls, muesli bar, pikelets, muffin, potato fritters (or corn, if tolerated), crackers e.g. cruskits, thick or thin rice cakes, sea salt rice crackers. For veges: green beans, lettuce, celery, choko.

Afternoon snack: Tinned pear in syrup in a tub, sandwich (Nuttelex, pear jam, cream cheese, red bean paste), few Kettle or Red Rock Deli plain chips, pretzels, cashews, frozen water or rice milk shake.

Be sure to check Sue Dengate’s book “The Failsafe Cookbook” and food intolerance blogs for more ideas!

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