Shopping list for week starting Monday 28th January

For brands and suggestions to ensure foods are low chemical, use alongside these shopping lists

Meat: minute steak and lamb cutlets (Mon), chicken mince (Tues), whole chicken (Wed), chicken schnitzel and lamb chops (Thurs), beef mince (Fri), steak (Sat), minute steak and rolled lamb roast (Sun).

Vegetables: lettuce, green beans, celery, potatoes, leeks, choko, swede, shallots (all low), corn on cob (high), green peas (mod glut), carrot, cucumber, sweet potato (all mod)

Fruit: pears

Groceries: tinned beans/bean mix, tinned pears in syrup, rice flakes, Vitabrits, rice milk, SR flour, eggs or No Egg egg replacer, carob syrup, bread flour, yeast, canola oil, salt, wheat noodles (Changs), Casalare rice crumbs, red lentils, rice sticks, Lebanese bread.

Cold foods: cream cheese, Nuttelex, A2 milk.

To prepare: pear jam and muesli bars from The Failsafe Cookbook, vegan ‘cheese’ sauce from Crunchworthy

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