Meal plan for week starting Mon 25th February

Monday 25th: Baked oatmeal and golden delicious apple, chicken broth with lettuce (low) and bok choy (mod sals), baked chicken legs and choko, potato and celery soup

Tuesday 26th: Eggs on toast, rice cakes and pear jam, sweet potato soup (mod sals), lamb cutlets and coleslaw

Wednesday 27th: Baked apple and pear, chicken broth, crackers and bean dip, steak, mash and green beans

Thursday 28th: Eggs and steamed veg, sweet potato soup (mod sals), green beans, celery and bean dip, shepherds pie

Friday 29th: Gluten free muesli, veal and salad wraps, chicken and cashew satay, rice milkshake

Saturday 1st March: Eggs on toast, steak sandwich, crackers, bean dip and vegie sticks, sausage rolls

Sunday 2nd: Gluten free muesli, pikelets, pear and maple syrup, chicken and roast vegies, rice milkshake


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