Meal plan: Week starting 17th November

Monday: Leftover creamy chicken and swede soup from freezer for lunch, baked chicken and potatoes with green beans for dinner

Tuesday: Chicken and lentil soup from freezer for lunch, lamb cutlets with miracle mash and cabbage salad

Wednesday: creamy garlic chicken risotto with leftover cabbage salad

Thursday: Mini meatloaves (lamb mince and veggies) with no-tomato sauce and rice (non-Thermomix version, the fantastic original no-tomato sauce)

Friday: Salmon (amines) and rice noodles or lasagne from the freezer, with steamed veggies

Saturday: Marinated chicken kebabs with baked potatoes and pear and bean salad (from Friendly Foods cookbook), melting moments (from Failsafe Cookbook), sliced pears

Sunday: Cannellini beans with no-tomato sauce, Foldover pizzas (Lebanese bread with pizza fillings, folded and cooked in the sandwich press) and salad

Extras: We have a few special lunch boxes to take along to events this week, so I’m planning to try a few new recipes (pinwheel cookies, muesli balls, sweet lentil slice) and some old favourite:  pear jelly and donuts (no spices, rice milk instead of buttermilk, caster sugar instead of raw sugar).

Shopping list:

Groceries: rice milk, Nuttelex, arborio rice, red kidney beans, cannellini beans, rice noodles, four bean mix, cornflour, pure icing sugar, caster sugar, rice milk, plain flour, lebanese bread, organic vanilla extract, salt, baking powder, rice cakes, cashews, red lentils, pure maple syrup, gelatine powder (Great Lakes red gelatine has no preservatives but needs to be ordered online)

Greengrocer: Pears, potatoes, green beans, cabbage (Wombok, red, or white/Savoy), shallots, leek, zucchini (salicylates), carrots (salicylates), brussels sprouts, garlic, celery, choko, swede, iceberg lettuce

Butcher: Eggs, Whole chicken (Monday), lamb cutlets or chops (Tuesday), 500g chicken diced (Wednesday), lamb mince (500g), salmon (we use sashimi grade for very fresh salmon), plain chicken kebabs (Saturday)

Health food shop or Allergy Train: carob powder, carob kibble, buckwheat kernels, crispy fruits ‘pure pear’, rice malt syrup, buckwheat flour, xanthan gum, vitamin C powder

So how did the plan work this week? We swapped a few meals around and made a few adjustments (salmon was steamed and went into rice paper rolls on a very hot night…we seem to tolerate small amounts of amines at the moment so nice to add a bit of variety) and my husband cooked a delicious carob cake for our guests on Saturday, rather than melting moments. I realised just before I cooked the risotto that we had no arborio rice but it worked fine with sushi rice and a little bit of brown rice to make up the quantity. I was a bit ambitious this week so didn’t get around to making the mini-meatloaves or no-tomato sauce or muesli balls so I’ll try them another time soon. Having the meal plan prompts me to try new recipes and get a bit more done in the kitchen when the opportunity presents itself!

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