Meal plan: Week starting 15th December + Christmas menu

Monday: Pasta meal: Pasta spirals and beef mince with no-mato sauce or pear ketchup and salad

Tuesday: Baked chicken and a baked sweet (hopefully some left for the freezer!): Chicken legs (marinated in the Thermomix?) or thighs with mashed potato and green beans. Marshmallow slice from The Failsafe Cookbook, decorated with Hoppers sprinkles.

Wednesday: Soup and salad meal: Congee (chicken leg cooked in vegetable stock, with rice and a pinch of salt simmered to make a thick soup), topped with shallots. Cabbage salad.

Thursday: Roast dinnerLamb roast with celery pesto crust or roast chicken with rice and baked vegetables

Friday: Pizza! Homemade pizza (creamy garlic chicken and seafood or lamb and pesto or bubble and squeak pizza)

Saturday: Main meal saladBeef salad made with beef strips (moderate salicylates) or lamb and risoni salad (lamb backstop marinated in pear ketchup and a little oil, barbecued and sliced over failsafe salad veg and risoni pasta)

Sunday: BurgersBeef burgers or chicken burgers and homemade wedges

Christmas Day menu: Don’t forget the great resource At the Failsafe Table with their excellent Christmas suggestions. This year, I’m planning to repeat what has worked in the past with the exception of trying to make a trifle. I am thrilled that the meat for lunch and dinner is being catered by our lovely families, leaving me free to prepare the other dishes ahead of time and spend Christmas Day enjoying family and chasing my speedy, crawling, cruising, gift-wrap eating baby!

Breakfast: Pancakes or homemade FS muesli; sliced fresh pear.

Lunch: Deep fried chicken drumettes with pear and bean salad, rice and rice milk ice-cream (The Failsafe Cookbook or Kersten’s Kitchen for a cane-sugar free version; Kersten is having an ebook sale till 24th December).

Dinner: Roast chicken, roast potato chunks, sliced vegetable salad (FS vegetables thinly slice with mandolin); failsafe and dairy-free trifle (plain cake, pear jelly and rice milk custard from The Failsafe Cookbook); rice pudding (from The Failsafe Cookbook, my son calls this Christmas pudding, makes it easy for me!).

Christmas Day wrap-up: The good news is we made it to our Christmas Day celebrations, after suffering with gastro for about 10 days beforehand! During our illness, we stuck to very simple foods and added in lamb and rice noodle soup, congee, potato and leek soup, plain chicken, green beans and potato when we started to recover. Plus rehydration solution from The Failsafe Cookbook.

For Christmas breakfast we made brown-sugar scrolls adapted from our breadmaker manual – these went in the fridge overnight and were cooked quickly the next morning, yum. Will have to do this again I think! We also tried some Aldi pear halves in syrup with vanilla bean, it was fairly strong vanilla taste so likely to be moderate sals.


On Christmas Day lunch, the deep fried chicken drumettes made by Paw Paw (my mother-in-law) were a great treat and the small amount of skin (amines) seems to have been well tolerated. The kids had lettuce, roast potatoes and a small wheel of corn (sals and glutamates): we had challenged corn earlier this year and they are OK with small servings. I ordered some ice-cream cones from Allergytrain and these went down very well with the rice milk ice-cream.

For dinner, we had roast chicken made by Gran, more roast potatoes, plain rice, bean and risoni salad with a little chopped carrot, and we were all well-satisfied. Dessert was rhubarb shortcake (using the pear shortcake recipe in The Failsafe Cookbook, and some rhubarb I had stewed earlier and frozen, this is moderate sals), rice pudding and a slice of watermelon (sals) for the kids.

On Boxing Day, we defrosted some Real Deli Chicken, made some wholemeal rolls and enjoyed leftover cold roast potatoes and risoni salad.

I wasn’t too disappointed about missing the usual Christmas foods, as I was so thrilled to be out of the house and socialising after our illness. Congratulations if you celebrated your first failsafe Christmas, or if you made some new recipes, it is often a big change to make and special occasions like Christmas can bring many issues about food to the fore. Commiserations if you pushed the boundaries or deliberately challenged some new foods and you or your household is still recovering. Don’t forget the antidotes listed in The Failsafe Cookbook if you need them!

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