Meal plan: Week starting 29th December. Happy New Year!

Monday: Pasta meal. Chicken and leek pasta, leaving out the malt vinegar. Shredded lettuce and cabbage.

Tuesday: Baking. Caramelised lamb chops with mash and green beans. Poko Cake from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Wednesday: New Years Eve! Baked chicken, homemade wedges, lettuce, carrot and celery with dip (cream cheese, zucchini and chive). Ice-cream cones for dessert.

Thursday: Stir-fry meal. Beef strips, shallot, green bean, celery and garlic stir fry with rice.

Friday: Homemade pizza. Potato and leek pizza with real deli chicken.

Saturday: Main meal salad: Quinoa and rice salad with chicken or beef skewers.

Sunday: Burgers: Beef patties in lebanese bread pockets with beetroot (mod sals, check ingredient list as some have added herbs and spices so not FS), grated carrot (sals), lettuce and BBQ leek rounds.

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