Meal plan: Week starting 5th January

Monday: Lamb cutlets, boiled potatoes, coleslaw

Tuesday: Chicken and couscous salad

Wednesday: Meatballs with pasta spirals and stir fried vegetables

Thursday: Sticky chicken drumsticks (can’t wait to try this one!) and failsafe fried rice and garlicky green beans

Friday: Veal mince rice paper rolls

Saturday: Steak on BBQ with THAT cheese sauce (failsafe, no cheese!) on noodles

Sunday: Roast lamb, potatoes, swede, leek and garlic with green beans

Snacks this week: Main meal leftovers, magic bean carob cake, pear custard, pear jelly, hidden nutrition Anzac biscuits, beans on toast, hommous on buckwheat crispbread, rice milk iceblocks (rice milk mixed with a drop of carob syrup or maple syrup and then frozen in moulds).

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