Meal plan: Week starting 12th Jan

Last week we had a delicious lunch made with simple ingredients that suited different members of our family. Similar to the mountain burritos in The Failsafe Cookbook, we used the ingredients to make four ‘different’ meals: my daughter and I ate the mince mixture in lettuce cups with some cashew pesto mixed in; my older son ate separate mince, lebanese bread with Nuttelex and lettuce; the baby had mince mixed with pear puree so it was a bit wetter and just nibbled on some lettuce and lebanese bread; and my non-failsafe husband added some sweet chilli sauce to his wrap. Yum!

This week’s menu plan:

Monday: Chinese-style deli chicken and noodles

Tuesday:Lamb cutlets, mashed potato and green beans. Lentil and rice salad.

Wednesday: Cottage pie with beef mince using leftover mashed potato. Baked pear turnovers.

Thursday: Golden chicken from The Failsafe Cookbook with failsafe fried rice

Friday: Beef stroganoff using no-mato sauce (links to non-Thermomix version)

Saturday: Chicken and potato wedges with green salad. Pear shortcake.

Sunday: BBQ lamb chops with okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes, this works fine with No-Egg egg replacer) and cabbage salad

NB: Please check the RPAH handbook or the information page of the Food Intolerance Network if you are new to the Failsafe low chemical diet and following a strict elimination protocol. Some recipes utilise ‘moderate’ ingredients which they generally note in the recipe or comments. I usually swap out any dairy foods and eggs for our family.

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