Protein-based snacks

Chickpea dip/FS hommous (chickpeas, sunflower oil, salt)

Chickbean dip

Red kidney bean dip (The Failsafe Cookbook)

Magic bean carob cake (red kidney beans)

Beans on toast

Meat and veg triangles

Chic nuts (garlic flavour only, check the label carefully) from Coles


Scrambled, boiled, poached, fried egg, omelette

Spanish omelette (egg mixed with leftover cold potato chunks and baked)

Chickpea devilled eggs

Baked rice cups

Egg rolls

French toast

Chicken drumsticks

Crunchy chicken bites (dairy)

Baked chicken tenders

Yogurt (dairy + amines)

Hash browns with cooked lamb mince (Kersten’s Kitchen recipe) or potato cakes

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