Meal plan: Week starting 9 Feb

Monday: Roast vegetable and lentil soup with lamb cutlets and okonomiyaki

Tuesday: Chicken tenders with leftover soup and garlic bread. Pear and vegetable bread.

Wednesday: Sang choy bau (savoury mince in lettuce cups) with rice

Thursday: Real Deli chicken with vegetable spaghetti (strips of vegetable e.g. cabbage, leek, choko, swede, lightly fried or boiled with spaghetti).

Friday: FS pizza pinwheels or leek and deli chicken mini pies and salad

Saturday: BBQ lamb backstrap with celery cashew pesto

Sunday: Pancake brunch or baked French toast. Chicken and couscous salad.

Breakfasts: Potato and leek pancakes. Pear crumble layered dessert…maybe for Valentine’s Day breakfast (which we don’t really celebrate, but hey, it’s an excuse to have dessert for breakfast!). Soaked wholegrain muesli (rolled oats, rice and other grains soaked overnight in rice milk and topped with fresh pear, cashews and rice malt syrup).

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