Meal plan: Week starting 16th Feb

Monday: Kye Sie Mum (mince and veg stir fry) over rice or noodles. Snack: jelly cups.

Tuesday: Chick-chick burgers, bread rolls and salad

Wednesday: Lamb and rice noodle soup

Thursday: Chicken legs, pasta and vegie sticks. Baked donuts [use caster sugar (rather than raw sugar) and rice milk or your usual milk (rather than buttermilk) and make sure you leave out the cinnamon and nutmeg so they are low chemical. They also work fine if you pipe into little blobs on a baking sheet if you don’t have a donut tray.]

Friday: Veal or beef and leek calzone. Preparation for weekend: Magic Sauce (stovetop method)

Saturday: Chinese steamed buns and easy chicken noodles (includes Thermomix method for Magic Sauce)

Sunday: Gyoza-style baked dumplings

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