Meals for busy nights (preparing ahead)

I find myself doing a fair bit of meal prep in the day now, so I can spend more time with kids after school or get food on the table after activities  without anyone having a hangry meltdown (myself included). Oh, and it all has to be quick because Mr One doesn’t sleep that long or is motoring around the kitchen while I get things done. To minimise amine build-up I try to cook the meat just before eating but will have the veggie component and sauces done during the day.

Rice paper rolls or mountain bread wraps: chicken tenderloins, cabbage red and/or green, grated choko, lettuce, chives, shallots, thinly sliced green beans, pear ketchup for dipping. For the non-failsafers: chilli pear ketchup and cashew paste mixed with a little hot water. Range of veggies such as grated carrot, peeled cucumber, asparagus (last three all moderate salicylates) and mango (high salicylates + amines).

Jacket potatoes and ‘that’ cheese sauce

Soup e.g. red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook or potato and leek soup with homemade garlic bread and lamb cutlets.

Chicken legs and cabbage salad (cabbage red, green or Wombok thinly sliced; shallots, celery, diced tinned pear, cashews) or coleslaw or beetroot salad (moderate salicylates).

Lamb salad (prepare sliced salad veg ahead of time and marinate lamb in Pear and Celery marinade from The Failsafe Cookbook). Cook and slice lamb just before serving.

Potato bake and meatballs with bean dip and vegies

Chicken and vegetable soup

Meatloaf or mini-meatloaves and steamed or salad veg

Steak sandwiches: prepare fillings early e.g. lettuce, pear ketchup, bread. Cook minute steak and leek rings just before serving.

Sausage rolls and salad e.g. pear and bean salad from Friendly Food. Can add cold cooked rice or pasta to salad.

Roast vegetable and lentil soup and homemade garlic bread.


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