Meal plan: Week starting 9 March

Monday: Chicken marinated in failsafe BBQ sauce with failsafe fried rice and stir-fried wombok and shallots

Tuesday: Steak and whiskey pot pie with green beans.

Wednesday: Lamb chops with coleslaw and rice

Thursday: Creamy garlic chicken risotto and green salad

Friday: Baked salmon (amines) with homemade potato wedges and green salad

Saturday: Chicken kebabs or marinated chicken thighs, foccacia and veggie sticks.

Sunday: Failsafe ‘nachos’ (beef mince with no-mato sauce and red kidney beans; “that” cheese sauce; and mountain bread crisped in the sandwich press)

Baking this week: Big pretzels. Vegan pear crumble cake (with failsafe substitutions i.e. normal brown sugar instead of dark, smaller amount of vanilla extract depending on your tolerance, cashews chopped in food processor instead of almonds (this is LOTS of cashews, about one 110g packet, so be mindful of your tolerance), leave out cinnamon, rice crumbs instead of coconut, cashews instead of walnuts in topping or leave out nuts). A great cake for taking to a party as it can be served warm or room temperature. Besan bikkies.

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