Meal plan: Week starting 30 March

Monday: Baked chicken legs, rice, stir fried choko, celery and leek. Maybe sautéed chokos. Carob cake for early birthday celebration.

Tuesday: Beef lasagne with extra failsafe veggies (leftovers from Mon night)

Wednesday: Chicken or beef kebabs, meatballs, vegie sticks and pear slices on a platter, caramel cake and dairy-free custard (birthday afternoon tea/dinner for Mr 5)

Thursday: Meat and veggie parcels (make extra mince for freezing and use on Saturday)

Friday: Salmon (amines) or white fish with homemade potato wedges and sweet potato wedges (salicylates). Fried rice if we can’t get fresh fish.

Saturday: Savoury mince and pasta

Sunday: Roast chicken, potatoes, swede, green beans and brioche buns (no sesame seeds though!).

Baking for Easter: Carob brownies, Hot cross buns, Carob crackles from The Failsafe Cookbook

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