Meal plan: Week starting 6 April

Monday: Failsafe mince topping with noodles; Poko (pear and choko) cake from The Failsafe Cookbook. Prepare cashew butter and Howard’s bean paste from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Tuesday: Celery and potato soup (no bay leaf, pepper or blue cheese!) with leftover brioche rolls

Wednesday: Lamb chops, potatoes and green beans with lettuce salad

Thursday:  Beef, green bean, lettuce and spring onion stir fry

Friday: Irish stew with rice or couscous. Carrot cake (moderate salicylates) from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Saturday: Chicken meatballs with pasta and salad or steamed veg

Sunday: Veal schnitzel and pasta with ‘that cheese sauce’

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2 Responses to Meal plan: Week starting 6 April

  1. Cashew butter would be delicous!

  2. ameliayenson says:

    Mmm I’m planning on trying it this week on slices of Red Delicious apple (moderate salicylates). Commercially available cashew butter e.g. Melrose brand is moderate in amines but you can process your own raw cashews for a low amine spread.

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