Meal plan: Weeks starting 13 and 20 April

I’m going to try a block of two weeks with similar style meals and see how that suits my family. So….

Monday: Sausages made of veal, chicken or beef mince, rice crumbs and salt (can add hidden veggies finely chopped or processed). Pasta and green salad. Carob and cashew spread based on Deborah’s cashew paste in The Failsafe Cookbook. If you have carob buttons available, you could try this version.

Tuesday: Coq au Vodka with rice or Creamy Garlic Chicken Risotto with green beans

Wednesday: Minute steak or beef strips on mountain or Lebanese bread, with lettuce and failsafe hommous or red bean paste from The Failsafe Cookbook. Pear and rhubarb shortcake, based on pear shortcake from The Failsafe Cookbook but using stewed rhubarb instead (rhubarb is high salicylates, so stick to pears if you’re on strict elimination).

Thursday: Little pies: Leek and Deli Chicken (I might add cooked cold rice to the mix instead of using a pastry case) or Beef and Vegetable using this filling. There are also some great pie filling suggestions in the ‘Lunches and Snacks’ section of The Failsafe Cookbook.

Friday: Defrosted chicken lasagne or Real Deli Chicken with pasta and chopped salad of green beans, choko, celery, cabbage, carrot. Calling it mini-salad, because all the veggies are in tiny pieces, makes it much more appealing in my house! Will have to steam the veg pieces for bub and keep a stash on hand, he is so hungry lately.

Saturday: Pizza with no-mato sauce/pear ketchup, mince and that cheese sauce and salad

Sunday: Steak and salad and homemade wedges (potato, choko, swede, sweet potato -moderate salicylates) or roast dinner

Lunches: Chick-chick burgers, jacket potatoes, steak sandwiches, boiled or scrambled eggs, butter beans on toast or noodle soup (last two from The Failsafe Cookbook).

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