Meal plan: Week starting 4 May

Monday: Beef stew with dumplings, from Thermomix’s Cooking on a Budget (adapted with failsafe ingredients) or Irish stew from The Failsafe Cookbook

Tuesday: Lamb cutlets with miracle mash and green beans

Wednesday: Chick-chick patties and rice salad

Thursday: Pizza scrolls with no-mato sauce, “that cheese sauce“, veal mince and shallots

Friday: Red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook and bread rolls

Saturday: BBQ steak or lamb chops with roast vegetables (potato, swede, brussels sprouts, leek) and green beans

Sunday: Minute steak, green salad and focaccia for lunch. White fish with pasta and bean salad from Friendly Food for dinner. Icey-ricey ice-cream cones from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Snacks: Rice pudding from The Failsafe Cookbook. Carrot (moderate salicylate) and failsafe hommous on rice cakes.

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