Meal plan: Week starting 29 June

Monday: Chick-chick patties, beetroot salad (moderate salicylates) and Sunshine Yellow soup

Tuesday: Failsafe ‘nachos’ (beef or lamb mince cooked with diced vegies, that cheese sauce, and wedges of grilled Lebanese bread or mountain bread)

Wednesday: Clayton’s chicken curry and rice

Thursday: Macaroni “cheese”: Pasta and ‘that cheese sauce‘. Maybe add some leftover chicken?

Friday: BBQ sauce and sticky chicken drumsticks with cabbage salad and rice

Saturday: Potato and leek fritterschicken noodle soup

Sunday: Chick-bean dip and crackers; Steak, homemade potato wedges and green salad

Baking: Milky bar muffins (shared in FB group this week: a plain muffin recipe with added grated Milky Bar), Upside down pear cake (use normal brown sugar rather than dark brown and leave out ginger)

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