Meal plan: Week starting 3 August

Monday: Veal or beef sausages (mince, finely chopped veggies, rice crumbs, salt) with pasta and steamed veg.

Tuesday: Creamy Garlic Chicken Risotto with green beans

Wednesday: Minute steak or beef strips on mountain or Lebanese bread, with lettuce and failsafe hommous or red bean paste from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Thursday:Leek and Deli Chicken pies with veggie sticks

Friday: Defrosted beef lasagne with chopped salad of green beans, choko, celery, cabbage, carrot.

Saturday: Chicken schnitzel with potato wedges and green salad

Sunday: Jacket potatoes with beef mince, chopped salad, four bean mix or That Cheese Sauce (no cheese involved!!)

Baking: Pear shortcake from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Staples to make this week: Carob and cashew spread based on Deborah’s cashew paste in The Failsafe Cookbook. (If you have carob buttons available, you could try this version.) Failsafe hommous or red bean paste from The Failsafe Cookbook. Real Deli Chicken. Pear jam (stovetop method and Thermomix method with vanilla or with choko). Pear ketchup in the Thermomix and on the stovetop.

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