Meal plan: Week starting 10 August

The past couple of weeks I have moved almost all my meals around within the week, skipped a couple and made some for lunch instead of dinner…the idea is that my meal planner is a starting point, making sure I have some ideas for what to cook and some variety in my week. It’s not a hard and fast plan, so please be sure to tweak and change as you need!

In fact, one of the ways I hoped to use my meal planning site was to look back over the meals that have worked well for me to use them again…this week I have based most of my meals around my meals for busy nights ideas.

Monday: Chicken legs and cabbage salad (cabbage red, green or Wombok thinly sliced; shallots, celery, diced tinned pear, cashews).

Tuesday: Soup e.g. red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook or potato and leek soup with  bread rolls and lamb cutlets.

Wednesday: Lamb salad (prepare salad ahead of time and marinate lamb). Cook and slice lamb just before serving.

Thursday: Meatloaf and steamed or salad veg


Friday: Sausage rolls and salad e.g. pear and bean salad from Friendly Food cookbook. Can add rice or pasta to salad.

Saturday: Steak sandwiches: prepare fillings early e.g. lettuce, pear ketchup, bread. Cook minute steaks and leek rings just before serving.

Sunday: Roast vegetable soup and garlic bread

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