Meal plan: Week starting 17 August

Monday: Beef stir fry with celery, green beans and garlic, served with brown rice

Tuesday: Chicken noodle soup and garlic rolls

Wednesday: Roast chicken with potatoes, swede, sweet potato (mod sals), and golden crusted brussels sprouts (this is a good method but use canola or sunflower oil and leave out the pepper and cheese)

Thursday: Rice paper rolls with chicken (steamed and shredded or leftover roast frozen then defrosted just before use), cucumber (mod sals), carrot (mod sals), green beans and chives. Cashew butter mixed with pear ketchup for dipping sauce.

Friday: Big Breakfast for dinner: homemade sausages, potato rosti aka hash browns (both recipes from The Failsafe Cookbook), eggs and steamed veggies (zucchini and asparagus, both mod sals).

Saturday: Pancakes with pear and custard for brunch (from The Failsafe Cookbook); Homemade chicken nuggets, potato wedges and salad for dinner

Sunday: Spanish omelette for brunch (use canola or sunflower oil and leeks instead of onions); Chicken congee (chicken legs simmered with rice and plenty of water and a pinch of salt) with shallots for dinner.

Staples to prepare: vegetable stock paste

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