Meal plan: Week starting 24 August

Monday: Chicken lasagne from The Failsafe Cookbook. I’ll improvise using pear ketchup instead of Birgit’s cheese pasta sauce and rice milk béchamel sauce as we are dairy-free

Tuesday: Chicken and chickpeas on couscous from The Failsafe Cookbook

Wednesday: Lamb chops with potato and leek soup and steamed green beans and carrots (moderate sals)

Thursday: Beef and leek pies from The Failsafe Cookbook

Friday: Pizza with veal mince, chives and no-mato sauce

Saturday: Chicken drumsticks (maybe sticky chicken drumsticks) with rice and chopped salad (celery, green beans, shallots and Chinese cabbage mixed with tinned butter beans)

Sunday: Lamb sausages with pasta, “that cheese sauce” and leftover salad

Baking: GF Muesli slice and Melting Moments from The Failsafe Cookbook

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