Meal plan: Week starting 19 October

Monday lunch: Zucchini slice (NB, Zucchini is moderate sals, and I made mine without ham or cheese) and veggie sticks with tzatziki dip (yoghurt (mod amines), cucumber (mod sals), citric acid, sunflower oil).

Monday dinner: Baked chicken legs with fried rice

Tuesday lunch: Red lentil soup from The Failsafe Cookbook

Tuesday dinner: Beef stir fry with noodles, wombok, shallots, green beans and magic sauce

Tuesday baking: Slice and bake biscuits from The Failsafe Cookbook. Baked veggies for lunches and snacks (swede, potato, sweet potato (mod sals), butternut pumpkin (mod sals)).

Wednesday lunch: Boiled eggs and green salad with wholegrain bread

Wednesday dinner: Rice paper rolls with vermicelli noodles, grated carrot (mod sals), minced celery, garlic chives. Cashew paste mixed with pear ketchup as a dipping sauce.

Thursday lunch: Baked vegetable and rice salad with Mighty Mayo.

Thursday dinner: Chicken schnitzel and chopped vegetable salad e.g. coleslaw (mod sals if carrot included) with potato wedges

Friday lunch: Wholemeal rolls with leftover chicken schnitzel (cook Thurs night then freeze and reheat) and salad

Friday dinner: Clayton’s chicken curry

Saturday lunch: French toast and veggie sticks

Saturday dinner: Steak and miracle mash and green beans

Sunday lunch: Baked oatmeal (no cinnamon or raisins, and use 1 tub baby pear puree instead of applesauce); Pancakes with pear and icey ricey icecream from The Failsafe Cookbook

Sunday dinner: Failsafe sausages with potato bake (I use béchamel sauce made with rice milk) and green salad

NB: Please check the recipe links carefully to ensure they fit within your tolerance limits and consult your dietitian if further guidance is required.

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2 Responses to Meal plan: Week starting 19 October

  1. Ellen-Marie Suttie says:

    Hi Amelia,

    I am a friend of Carly Ross’s from the physio (I met you a few months ago and we briefly chattered about food intolerances and thermomixes!)

    I just wanted to find out from you if you can recommend any good resources for the FS diet and how I can get my head around it. I have been having lots of digestive issues and after lots of tests nothing is coming back. I have been told to look into this and see if it could be preservatives and additives. I feel a bit overwhelmed as where to start and how to make sense of it all. Would love any advice you can offer.

    Thanks so much.

    Ellen-Marie Lloyd

    Sent from my iPhone


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