Meal plan: Week starting 26 October

Monday: Lunch: Vegetable and bean soup (mod sals) or any soup from The Failsafe Cookbook. You might like to freeze leftovers for an easy lunch or dinner later in the week. Dinner: Whole steamed chicken with green salad and homemade foccacia

Tuesday: Lunch: Leftover focaccia with chicken and Mighty Mayo. Dinner: Veal strips, green beans and bok choy (mod sals) stir fried with rice.

Wednesday: Lunch: Rice, pear and four-bean salad (based on Pear and Bean salad from Friendly Food). Dinner: Lamb chops or lamb chop tagine with mashed potato and green beans.

Thursday: Lunch: Crunchy chicken and green salad. Dinner: Mountain Bread wraps with leftover chicken and grated veggies (yoghurt and sour cream are mod amines)

Friday: Lunch: Soup (shop the freezer!) and bread roll. Dinner: Failsafe sausages and potato wedges with green salad.

Saturday: Steak, potato salad from The Failsafe Cookbook and veggie sticks

Sunday: Wombok salad with chicken

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