Meal plan: Week starting 9 November

Monday: Irish stew from The Failsafe Cookbook with brown rice. Baking: Magic Bean Carob Cake

Tuesday: Baked rice paper spring rolls (my boys will probably eat the mince mixture with leftover rice, and I’ll make the spring rolls for my daughter and husband and I). Snack: Caramelised pear crumble layered dessert.

Wednesday: Marinated chicken drumsticks (from previous experience, this is great with smaller drumsticks or fewer drumsticks and a longer cooking time) with green salad

Thursday: Lamb and swede meatballs with mashed potato. Use leftover mashed potato for Irish potato bread.

Friday: Failsafe sausages with red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook and brioche buns (I make these with rice milk and Nuttlex. Sesame seeds are not failsafe but poppy seeds are a great substitute.)


Saturday: Steak with green beans and potato wedges. Baking: Baked oatmeal for Sunday breakfast (no cinnamon or raisins, use small tub of baby pear puree instead of applesauce)

Sunday: Eggs on toast with veggie sticks

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