Meal plan: Week starting 14 December

Monday: Deli chicken and salad for lunch. Glazed meatballs and rice for dinner.

Tuesday: Beef or chicken cottage pie with green salad.

Wednesday: Chicken schnitzel with quinoa and rice salad. I’ll be making a cashew, cabbage and soba noodle salad (trying an adaptation of the Peanut and Soba noodle salad from the Festive Flavours Thermomix cookbook).

Thursday: Baked chicken legs with crunchy potatoes and steamed greens.

Friday: Irish stew from The Failsafe Cookbook (not really the weather for it, but a favourite meal for a few family members… I find it’s worth having the oven on sometimes if everyone eats well!!)

Saturday: Chicken veloute meal from The Basic Cook Book (Thermomix) with failsafe subtitutions. This meal is a potato and leek soup with steamed chicken and vegetables.

Sunday: Deli chicken (frozen and defrosted) and lettuce sandwiches. ‘Gingerless pigs’ (gingerbread biscuits) from The Failsafe Cookbook.

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