Meal plan: Week starting 21 December

Monday: Chicken congee with celery and green bean stir fry. Making ice-ricey ice-cream (The Failsafe Cookbook) for the grandparent’s freezers over the festive season.

Tuesday: Lamb cutlets, rice, vegetable sticks or salad and pear ketchup for dinner. Gingerless pigs with citric lemon icing for snack.

Wednesday: Steak, mashed potato and coleslaw (moderate salicylates if carrot is included). Carob and vanilla custard for dessert.

Thursday: Stir-fried beef strips with cashew, bamboo shoots and choko with brown rice.

Friday (Christmas Day!): Fried chicken, beetroot (moderate salicylates) and pear salad, failsafe hommous and vegetable sticks for lunch. Sausage rolls with brown rice salad and bread rolls for dinner.

Saturday: Failsafe satay (cashew butter mixed with pear ketchup) over chicken or gado-gado with rice.

Sunday: Pies or pastry pockets with leftover veggies for lunch. Savoury pancakes or rice paper rolls for dinner.

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