Meal plan: Week starting 25 January

Monday: Chicken koftas with cashew cream and green salad

Tuesday: BBQ lamb marinated in pear and celery marinade from The Failsafe Cookbook with potato salad and beetroot salad (moderate salicylates)

Wednesday: Real Deli Chicken with leftover beetroot salad and failsafe Gado Gado (could use cashew cream from Monday as dressing)

Thursday: Coq au Vodka with rice and green beans

Friday: Pizza pockets or calzones with no-mato sauce, vegetables and Real Deli Chicken

Saturday: Steak with bread rolls and salad

Sunday: Birthday party! Meat and vegetable triangles; failsafe hommous with vegetable sticks and caramel cupcakes (Caramel cake from The Failsafe Cookbook).

Stock the freezer: No-mato sauce, Vegetable stock paste, Oat biscuits (Australian Women’s Weekly Beautiful Biscuits cookbook), Baked French breakfast donuts (no nutmeg or cinnamon, caster sugar instead of raw sugar, rice milk instead of buttermilk).

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