Meal plan: Week starting 1 February

Monday: Veal schnitzel with mashed potato, green beans and Howard’s butter cabbage from The Failsafe Cookbook

Tuesday: Roast chicken and vegetables (potato, swede, choko, sweet potato, butternut pumpkin – last two are moderate salicylate)

Wednesday: Meat pies and salad. Snack: Cashew cream dip and caramelised leek dip with rice crackers and celery sticks

Thursday: Rice paper rolls with poached chicken, sliced beans, iceberg lettuce, chives and pear ketchup or Magic Sauce for dipping

Friday: Pasta with failsafe mince topping. Snack: Potato and leek pancakes. Vegetable sticks. Seeded bread sticks.

Saturday: Salad rolls for lunch with Mighty Mayo from The Failsafe Cookbook. BBQ dinner with failsafe sausages, minute steak, wholemeal bread, lettuce and no-mato sauce.

Sunday: Foldover pizza (Lebanese bread) with defrosted leftover steak or mince, ‘that cheese sauce‘ or no-mato sauce, with green side salad. Fete cake from The Failsafe Cookbook for a party (I use tiny loaf tins, one batch of cake mix makes about 3 mini-loaves).

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