Meal plan: Week starting 21 March

Monday: Chicken congee

Tuesday: Failsafe mince and pasta with green salad

Wednesday: Lamb chops with mash and steamed vegetables (use tolerated vegetables)

Thursday: Red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook with seeded bread sticks

Friday: Steamed white fish, vegetables and potato and leek soup from The Basic Cook Book (a variation on the Chicken Veloute Meal in the Thermomix). Hot cross buns (note the comprehensive allergy/intolerance and ‘Suitable for…’ info for levels of salicylates, amines etc).

Saturday: Steak with homemade potato wedges and vegetable sticks.

Sunday: Omelettes for brunch. Failsafe sausages, Bakers Delight rolls, failsafe coleslaw and beetroot salad (moderate salicylates) for BBQ. Fete cake from The Failsafe Cookbook for a birthday!

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