Meal plan: Week starting 28th March

Monday: Garlic-studded lamb roast with potatoes and green beans

Tuesday: Stir-fried chicken, celery and cashews with brown rice. Make pear ketchup.

Wednesday: Hidden-vegie meatballs with pasta and white sauce. We usually make meatballs with rice crumbs eg Casalare or Orgran brand and bake in a hot oven (200C) – a great tip from Kersten’s Kitchen.

Thursday: Chicken risotto with green salad

Friday: Pizza pockets (pizza dough, veal mince, extra cooked veggies and pear ketchup or no-mato sauce) and pear sorbet…the birthday festival continues for Mr 6!

Saturday: Lasagne with green salad

Sunday: Homemade chicken burgers with pear ketchup, iceberg lettuce and caramelised leek

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