Meal plan: Week starting 9 May

Monday: Potato, parsnip and leek soup (moderate sals) with seeded bread sticks

Tuesday: Stir fried green beans, celery and beef mince with noodles and magic sauce

Wednesday: Lamb salad with lettuce or cabbage, shallots, celery, grated carrot (mod sals) and chickpeas with Mighty Mayo

Thursday: Wraps with leftover salad and defrosted mince and vegies or baked chicken

Friday: Failsafe sausages, hash browns and eggs

Saturday: Sausage rolls or rice paper rolls with green salad

Sunday: Roast chicken and vegetables (choko, swede, potato, brussels sprouts) with garlicky green beans

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Meal plan: Week starting 2nd May

Monday: Quick quiche from The Failsafe Cookbook

Tuesday: Jacket potatoes with mince and kidney bean mixture and a green salad

Wednesday: Failsafe spring rolls

Thursday: Sunshine yellow soup with garlic rolls

Friday: Okonomiyaki with baked chicken legs

Saturday: Steak and whiskey pot pie with green beans

Sunday: Chicken roast dinner

Lunches and snacks: Chicken lentil soup; Lamb and rice noodle soup; muesli balls; failsafe gado gado; beetroot salad (moderate salicylates).

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The big list! Autumn and winter ideas for every meal.

Breakfasts: Potato and leek pancakes with fried eggs; Baked oatmeal (no cinnamon or raisins and a tub of baby pear puree instead of applesauce); Spanish omelette; Porridge with pear and maple syrup; French toast; Chicken congee; Brown rice with cashews, rice milk and a dollop of pear jam; Breakfast burritos (mountain bread wrap with omelette); Frittata for vegetable haters and Country Vegetable Bake muffins (both from The Failsafe Cookbook); big breakfast (failsafe sausages, eggs, hash browns or potato rosti, steamed green beans and crumpets from Friendly Food); pear and chive muffins from Friendly Food.

Lunches: Baked potatoes with failsafe mince or Tex Mex topping; Birgit’s cabbage rolls; Barley vegetable casserole: Cracked egg pies; Quick quiche; Egg foo yung; Kerry’s vegetable hater soup (all from the Failsafe Cookbook); Baked eggs in potato; Baked beans; Lentil and potato bake; Pear and bean salad (all from Friendly Food); Homemade burgers with chicken, beef or veal mince and vegetable patties, lettuce and pear ketchup;  Okonomiyaki; Bubble and Squeak; Arancini (I’ll make these with leftover vegetable risotto so low amines); Bhaji or Besan bombs from The Failsafe Cookbook.

Dinner: Chicken lasagne; Birgit’s fried rice; Irish stew; Failsafe spring rolls; Birgit’s glazed meatballs; Red soup (all from the Failsafe Cookbook); Roast chicken with stuffing; Lamb and celery satay (both from Friendly Food); Sunshine yellow soup; Potato and leek soup; Roast vegetable and lentil soupChicken pie and maple roast vegetables; Chicken casserole with savoury biscuits; Chicken casserole; Sausage stew (I’ll cook this on the stovetop to minimise amines); Clayton’s chicken curry; Failsafe spaghetti bolognaise; Coq au vodka; Lamb and barley stew (again, I’ll go with a short cooking time to minimise amines); pan-fried chicken or lamb chops with Miracle Mash; Beef samosas and pear chutney: ‘Lemon’ tempura chickenLamb chop tagine; Lamb meat pies; Steak and whiskey pot pie; Roast chicken and Brussel sprouts with aioli.


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Meal plan: Week starting 4 April

Monday: Sunshine yellow soup with seeded breadsticks

Tuesday: Chicken drumettes with soba noodle coleslaw

Wednesday: Okonomiyaki with chicken noodle soup from The Failsafe Cookbook

Thursday: Chicken sandwiches with potato and leek soup

Friday: Homemade burgers with beef and vegetable patties, lettuce and pear and vegetable sauce

Saturday: Pasta salad and meatballs

Sunday: Roast chicken dinner with baked vegetables and steamed green beans

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Meal plan: Week starting 28th March

Monday: Garlic-studded lamb roast with potatoes and green beans

Tuesday: Stir-fried chicken, celery and cashews with brown rice. Make pear ketchup.

Wednesday: Hidden-vegie meatballs with pasta and white sauce. We usually make meatballs with rice crumbs eg Casalare or Orgran brand and bake in a hot oven (200C) – a great tip from Kersten’s Kitchen.

Thursday: Chicken risotto with green salad

Friday: Pizza pockets (pizza dough, veal mince, extra cooked veggies and pear ketchup or no-mato sauce) and pear sorbet…the birthday festival continues for Mr 6!

Saturday: Lasagne with green salad

Sunday: Homemade chicken burgers with pear ketchup, iceberg lettuce and caramelised leek

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Meal plan: Week starting 21 March

Monday: Chicken congee

Tuesday: Failsafe mince and pasta with green salad

Wednesday: Lamb chops with mash and steamed vegetables (use tolerated vegetables)

Thursday: Red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook with seeded bread sticks

Friday: Steamed white fish, vegetables and potato and leek soup from The Basic Cook Book (a variation on the Chicken Veloute Meal in the Thermomix). Hot cross buns (note the comprehensive allergy/intolerance and ‘Suitable for…’ info for levels of salicylates, amines etc).

Saturday: Steak with homemade potato wedges and vegetable sticks.

Sunday: Omelettes for brunch. Failsafe sausages, Bakers Delight rolls, failsafe coleslaw and beetroot salad (moderate salicylates) for BBQ. Fete cake from The Failsafe Cookbook for a birthday!

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Meal plan: Week starting 14 March

Monday: Chicken veloute meal from Thermomix’s Basic Cookbook (potato and leek soup with steamed chicken and vegetables). Use failsafe oil and tolerated vegetables (see for shopping lists).

Tuesday: Beef stir fry with celery, green beans, garlic and rice

Wednesday: Chicken and vegetable risotto

Thursday: Mini-pizza pockets with veal mince, leek and pear ketchup and green salad or vegie sticks

Friday: Soup (roast vegetable and lentil soup or red soup from The Failsafe Cookbook) and bread rolls

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: homemade ‘sausages’, eggs and hash browns with extra hidden vegies

Sunday: Roast chicken or lamb with potato, swede and steamed green beans.

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