Delicious snacks (moderate salicylate, low amine, low glutamate)

Satisfying crunchy, sweet, salty and creamy snacks! I created my list following on from a suggestion in the year-long Replenish 365 course created by Lisa Grace Byrne. I really like the book Replenish 365 by Lisa Grace Byrne so you may like to check it out too – lots of great self-care suggestions for mums.

I stick to low-amine and low-glutamate foods and moderate to high salicylates so make sure you tailor the suggestions below to suit your tolerance levels.

Crunchy: Celery or Red Delicious apple or Golden Delicious apple slices with cashew butter; rice cakes with hommous and grated carrot .

Sweet: Pear, celery and cucumber green smoothie; roast sweet potato, swede and carrot; carob hot chocolate with rice milk.

Salty: Chic Nuts and cashews; Parkers Pretzels; Mountain bread crisped in the oven or rice cake popcorn; sliced green beans and celery with lentil chips or Bean and Rice chips (check the shopping lists to find suitable pre-made products).

Creamy: Cashew, pear and rice milk smoothie; chicken and brown rice soup (Quirky Cooking with failsafe adaptation e.g. cashews, leek, green beans, failsafe vegetable stock paste); bean dip with rice cakes; high protein custard (extra eggs, less sugar).

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