Mid-winter meal plan

Week 1 Dinners: Failsafe sausages, Miracle Mash and steamed veg; Steak and whiskey pot pie; Roast lamb and maple roast vegetables; Homemade beef burgers with caramelised leek and lettuce; Chicken coq au vodka; Stir fried chicken and noodles (moderate salicylates); Big batch lasagne.

Week 1 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Failsafe hommous; ‘That’ cheese sauce; Baked French toast; failsafe donuts; gluten free failsafe bread.

Week 2: Sticky chicken drumsticks; Meat and vegetable triangles and sausage rolls; Meatballs and steamed vegetables with white sauce; breakfast for dinner (failsafe sausages, hash browns, eggs, leftover steamed vegetables); Stir fried beef and udon noodles; Chicken schnitzel and vegetables; Homemade pizza with beef and potato topping.

Week 2 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Crumpets; Pear ketchup; Chick bean dip; failsafe bliss balls; vegetable muffins; gluten free seed bread from Kersten’s Kitchen.

Week 3 Dinners:  Roast chicken and vegetables (swede, potato, brussels sprouts); Creamy garlic chicken risotto; Beef samosas with pear chutney; Okonomiyaki and baked chicken legs; Sunshine yellow soup and garlic bread; Spaghetti with mince and no-mato sauce; Herbed rack of lamb from The Failsafe Cookbook with baked vegetables.

Week 3 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Besan biscuits; Rice pudding from The Failsafe Cookbook or Thermomix Basic Cook Book; Potato and leek pancakes or potato rosti from The Failsafe Cookbook; Vanilla jam cookies; No-mato sauce.

Week 4 Dinners: Chicken congee; Rissoles and mashed potato; Arran’s fried rice from The Failsafe Cookbook; Mountain bread burritos from The Failsafe Cookbook; Lamb cutlets with potato and leek soup; Rice crumbed chicken nuggets and potato wedges: Roast vegetable and lentil soup with croutons.

Week 4 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Baked oatmeal; Dip trio; Seeded bread sticks; Swede and potato or Cornish pasties from The Failsafe Cookbook; Butter beans on toast from The Failsafe Cookbook.


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