Another mid-winter meal plan

Week 1 dinners: Homemade beef burgers and wedges, roast lamb or chicken with potato bake, sausage casserole, lamb and celery satay on rice (Friendly Food), glazed meatballs (Failsafe Cookbook) with mash and steamed vegetables, coq au vodka with rice or mash, red lentil soup (Failsafe Cookbook) and toast.

Week 1 breakfasts, lunches, snacks and staples to make: Baked oatmeal, cannellini beans on toast or bean bruschetta or baked beans (Friendly Food), French toast or baked French toast (a delicious treat!), boiled eggs, vegie sticks and dip/mayonnaise, failsafe san choy bow (mince and veg in lettuce cups), magic bean carob cake, carob chip oatmeal cookies, GF carob brownies (Kersten’s Kitchen).

Week 2 dinners: Mince and vegetable pies or sausage rolls, Irish stew (Failsafe Cookbook), stir fried beef and noodles, lamb and rice noodle soup, chicken drumsticks with Miracle Mash, schnitzel with coleslaw and rice or soba noodle coleslaw, chicken soup or congee or Thermomix chicken and vegetable soup (use failsafe oil, this is moderate-high salicylate depending on vegetables used and whether they are peeled).

Week 2 breakfasts, lunches, snacks and staples to make: Eggs on toast, ‘That’ cheese sauce for dipping or toast-topping, Omelette, Crumpets with pear jam, seeded bread sticks and soup, potato and leek pancakes, vegetable muffins (Failsafe Cookbook), okonomiyaki, roast potatoes, butter biscuits (Thermomix Basic Cook Book), no-mato sauce (stovetop or Thermomix).

Week 3 dinners: Steamed chicken buns and noodles, lamb chop tagine, baked spring rolls, lamb cutlets with jacket potatoes, vegetable risotto and chicken meatballs, beef lasagne, roast vegetable and lentil soup with croutons.

Week 3 breakfasts, lunches, snacks and staples to make: Cracked egg pies or baked eggs in potato (Friendly Food),  rice or oat porridge, rice pudding (Thermomix Basic Cook Book or Failsafe Cookbook), FS hommous, chicken drumsticks, egg rolls, arancini balls (using leftover veg risotto).

Week 4 dinners: Pear and bean salad (Friendly Food) with rice or pasta and mini meatloaves, chicken nuggets, beef strips and fried rice, lamb salad (moderate salicylate), steak sandwiches with caramelised leek, wombok salad with chicken and noodles, pad thai.

Week 4 breakfasts, lunches, snacks and staples to make: Porridge with stewed pear, Spanish omelette, pear and chive muffins (Friendly Food), Magic Sauce, red bean dip (Failsafe Cookbook), custard, besan biscuits, cashella (FS nutella).

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