Spring meal plan

Week 1 Dinners: Failsafe ‘pad thai’; Lamb cutlets, veggie sticks and brown rice; Baked chicken, steamed green beans and rotmos (mixed mashed root veg); Lamb kebabs, with salad and tortillas ; Sausage rolls (beef or chicken) with leftover salad and rotmos; Baked chicken legs with rice and chopped salad e.g. beetroot (mod sals) or coleslawMeatloaf with roast potatoes and green salad

Week 1 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Caramelised pear crumble layered dessert; Failsafe ‘sushi‘, boiled eggs, rice paper rolls, leftover tortillas with vegemite substitute

Week 2 Dinners:  Vegetable and bean soup (mod sals), pumpkin and lentil soup (mod sals) or any soup from The Failsafe Cookbook (freeze leftovers for an easy lunch or dinner later in the week); Whole steamed chicken with green salad and homemade foccacia; Leftover focaccia with chicken and Mighty Mayo; Veal strips, green beans and bok choy (mod sals) stir fried with rice; Lamb chops or lamb chop tagine with mashed potato and green beans; Crunchy chicken and green salad; Failsafe sausages and potato wedges with green salad

Week 2 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Chick-chick burgers; vegetable bread rolls (mod sals); okonomiyaki (vegetable pancakes); Rice bubble biscuits;

Week 3 Dinners: Mountain Bread wraps with leftover chicken and grated veggies (yoghurt and sour cream are moderate amines); Wombok salad with chicken; Homemade beef burgers with failsafe rissoles (The Failsafe Cookbook); Minute steak, potato skewers and green bean salad;  and bread rolls (I like this white bread roll recipe for Thermomix, remember sesame seeds are not failsafe); Beef stir fry with noodles; “Deli chicken” and vegetable pies; Pesto chicken with pasta and green salad (iceberg lettuce, celery, green beans)

Week 3 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Rice pudding and besan bombs from The Failsafe Cookbook; Failsafe vegetable stock paste and Mighty MayoMagic Bean Carob Cake

Week 4 Dinners: Pasta with no-mato sauce and beef mince; Lamb cutlets with mashed potato and green beans; Chicken noodle soup (Thermomix method) or stovetop methodPotato and leek pancakes with beef skewers; Chicken and leek mini-pizza with green salad; Beef and leek pies with veggie sticks; Lentil and vegetable soup (Thermomix method or stovetop method) with bread rolls.

Week 4 Breakfasts, snacks and staples to make: Baked chicken tenders; Baked French toast; Cream cheese and herb dip; Jelly cups; Carob muesli bars.

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